Act of war

Act of war

Act of war

Sound Design snippet dealing with the sonority of war and the mental states combat might induce. It uses recorded ADR, Foley, SFX and Stock Assets mixed together with some archive material and blended with an extract to Pink Floyd’s “Atmom Heart Mother”,the choice for such of a well known musical piece was made to overemphasise the universal scope of trauma.

Dialogue Transcript:

And I told him I had no way of knowing it was a student only party.The chick looked totally legal, like in her 30’s or something, she was to fat to be underage. She was that lusty, sluty kind of broad.

Was the guy a cop or what? How did he kick you out?

No man, he was one of those club bouncers, you get me? He just went in to take a piss and found us there. He asked for my ID and then I freaked out thinking she was underage, because she freaked out too.


Well, because she wasn’t a student either, she was there just too hook up.

What a god damned tramp…

I’m not shitting you man, fat chicks are the best, it’s like they swallow you completely when they fuck, you get what I’m saying? And the best thing is thing is that they are kind heated, if I ever get married,I want the misses to have this big of an ass.

Get the fuck out man!

Honestly man, I’m hooked, and you know me.

Anyway, in the six months we have to stay here we probably won’t see any fat chicks. Get on the turret, we are approaching Baghdad.

I definitely missed this.

Come on Mishu, let’s rape they’r asses!

They fucked up Tudorica.

Advance! Advance! Advance!


Pledge allegiance to my country Romania…

I swear to protect my country even with the sacrifice of my own life…

So help me God…

Pass the ball, Mishu, pass it…

Take care over there honey, don’t be a hero…

SOS. Colonel Mihai Olteanu here, we need backup on the South Baghdad

SOS. We have sustained heavy casualties, we need backup on the South Baghdad

Do you copy?