Ollie Partington

Ollie Partington

Even the final shooting script is barely a blueprint.

Ollie is a scriptwriter, actor and voice artist, with experience in both stage and screen, across multiple genres and styles with an ear for quick and rhythmic dialogue.

He recently graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in Scriptwriting and Performance, where he was trained in writing for stage, screen and film criticism. His work was put on at UEA several times, ranging from full theatrical production to stand-up comedy and radio productions, leading to his sitting on the judging panel of a creative writing competition in his third year.

As an actor, he trained at the BRIT School and the Questors Theatre Foundation Course. He later performed at the National Student Drama Festival and on stage with the Minotaur Theatre Company and the Putney Theatre Company in a variety of roles and appeared in several short films.

Taking his lead from the work of Woody Allen and Kevin Smith, Ollie’s writing is marked by its sharp, rapid-fire dialogue, providing a contrast with often dark and uncompromising story.

Ollie Partington Voice Reel.